Ziada to continue quest for justice

A video recording of Ismail Ziada delivering his
personal statement is available here.

Following the verdict on January 29th by the district court in The Hague, denying Mr Ismail Ziada access to pursue justice in the Dutch court system, Mr Ziada released the following statement:

“The verdict presented by the Court today is unacceptable for me and my family. Since 2014 we have pursued access to justice for the terrible loss we have suffered. This quest has come at a price – impacting us financially, emotionally and security wise. I am sure you can understand the disappointment I feel after all we have been through.

Having said this, there is not a doubt in my mind about continuing this fight for justice. I owe it to my own conscience but even more so to my mother, my brothers Jamil, Omer and Youssef and my sister in law Bayan and her son Shaban.

Beyond that and more important, I owe it to all the Palestinians who have suffered and continue to suffer the same fate, to continue this struggle to achieve what is denied to them: access to independent justice and accountability for the unspeakable crimes committed against them.

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As long as the international community is unwilling to put a stop to the war crimes continuing to be perpetrated by Israel it is up to individuals like myself to do what can be done.So again, despite the sadness and disappointment, I am standing in front of you today with my head held high and ready to continue the quest for justice. I want to thank all of those prominent figures who have endorsed the campaign and the many organisations and individuals, too numerous to mention, who contributed their time, effort, energy and financial resources to allow us to continue.

Thank you for your practical support, but even more so for continuously reminding us of the tremendous amount of kindness, solidarity and compassion humanity is in fact capable of. Tonight I will breathe in and out, deeply – and from there we move forward.”

A video recording of Ismail Ziada delivering his personal statement is available here.

The Ziada case is kindly supported by musician Roger Waters, Fagforbundet, the Nuhanovic Foundation and individuals through an international crowdfunding campaign.

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